For this first sale with Artland, I have chosen artists from several parts of the world to bring together a diverse group of artists whose work demonstrate both technical skill and originality. Most artists are still considered 'emerging' but I prefer to call them 'under-represented' as they prove that their work is strong enough to show in any gallery setting or art fair. I have worked with all of these artists in one way or another in the last 13 years since creating Accessible Art Fair. As an art advisor, many of these artists' works have ended up in private collections. 

I love to show the highest-end in unseen talent and offer the artists the platform to have their work seen by a much wider audience.

Stephanie Manasseh

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Mohammad Zaza - Painting (Syria)


Paul Lorenz - Painting (USA)


BrieucC - Kinetic Art (Belgium)


Jeroen Gordijn - Mixed Media (The Netherlands)


Pedro Correa - Photography (Spain)


Dirk Lambrechts - Photography (Belgium)


Fabien Huleux - Design (Belgium)


Cyril Lancelin - Installation (France)


Jonathan Prince - Sculpture (USA)


Yann Guitton (France)


Katti Borré - Photography (Belgium)


Saskia De Tollenaere - Sculpture (Belgium)


Rod McIntosh - Painting (UK)


Michel Rosenfelder - Photography (France)


Christian De Wulf - Mixed Media (Belgium)


Pandemonia - Multimedia (UK)


Anne Deleporte - Multimedia (France)


Michal Korman - Painting (Slovakia)


Gemma Gené - Mixed Media (Spain)


Jacqueline Horler - Painting (France)


Anthony White - Graphic (France)

Other Artworks Available

David Gerstein

Marc Lagrange

Lea Shabat


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