Stephanie Manasseh - Large Scale Projects - Seraphina

Seraphina's mission is to bring together women of the art world. The fair will range from a three day to a week- long selling event, depending on location and number of conferences. Artists will range from most disciplines: painting, sculpture, design, photography, video, performance arts and will be handpicked and vetted artists by a high-level selection committee working in the arts.

Having worked in the art world for over 10 years, Stephanie noticed that there is still a big discrepancy between men and women working in the arts. Men are still the biggest earners and there are fewer blue chip female artists then male. Her idea is not to marginalise men, but rather bring some of the top women of the art world under one roof. This is not a feminist event, but rather a celebration of the best minds and best women talents in the art world.

Stephanie Manasseh - Large Scale Projects - Seraphina - Fawley Court, Henley

The inaugural event will take place at Fawley Court, a stunning Christopher Wren Manor House on the banks of the Thames. It is located near Henley, 45 minutes from London.


For sponsorship opportunities, media partnerships or product placement, please contact Stephanie Manasseh, Director and Founder of Seraphina .