After more than 25 years as a fashion photographer, Dirk Lambrechts feels the urge to return to the basics, to the game of black and white, to pure photography with a personal approach. That leads to series such as COVER-ed, a hommage to his late father with 2 blankets from WWII, published in De Morgen Magazine. “Flemish Light” where he immerses himself in the history of the masters of the Golden Age and “Fortified Positions” about the  first line of defense around the city of Antwerp. Until today he explores his boundaries in his personal photography plunged in to history, graphics, personal interests and collaborations with other artists from different art disciplines.




'A series based on an hommage to my late father of whom I inherited two blankets, or COVERS of WWII, each with their own history, which he used to cover the ground of his small workplace. To portray people, known and unknown. Giving everyone their own personal frontpage, their own “cover” with common thread these 2 covers of WWII. Today, when religion and war, leads to a gap between people, I try to start to communicate a dialogue, an interest in one another to emphasis the mutual respect as one person to another. To give them the warmth and protection of these two covers. And to show the richness of diversity in the world.  The different cultures, religions, skin color and nationalities. Heritage of History as an important form of expression where today’s values and moralities are based on. We simply must not lose this platform. Two army blankets from World War II, I received of my late father, is the metaphor of connection for bringing today’s diversity of race & culture, religion & believe come all together through a symbol comfort and protection.

As: “To be COVER-ed”

The photography itself as an hommage to the Masters of classic portrait photography and my father.

Different personalities are casted for this personal project. The un-known, as well as, the well-known are photographed in black&white. It’s not the status or profession of one person that counts. It’s the common sense of trust of human interaction that we sometimes forget or loose. We have to remind ourselves these days to constantly be open for it. This project started with a deep passion to search for personal contact and communication. The enthusiasm and the result of the product made this project successful to continue this approach and to bring it to a higher level and international exposure. This photography project will never stop but will continuously move on as an ongoing process of development, depending on my travels around the globe and who I’ll meet.